:  Panic! At The Disco: Brendon Urie is the bae and my total inspiration ! Dallon Weekes and Spencer Smith omf say no more! Follow for random stuffffff xoxoxo

P.S FOB, paramore, you me at six, sleeping with sirens, all time low, MCR, 21 pilots and The Fray are hella rad!

Simon fucking Baker 😍


☝ - How tall are you?~~~~✖ - Age you get mistaken for~~~~★ - Want any tattoos?~~~~✌ - Want any piercings? Hopefully I can ask that many!

1. 5,2 I think 2. 5 no I’m joking probably like 12 or 13 3.yeah I want at least one tattoo and 4. I have no piercings but I might in the future! Thank you for asking :p

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